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Air Strike on Al-Qaeda Locations Postpone Saudi Consul Release

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Air strikes launched against militants in Yemen

By: NY Staff

Sheikh Tariq Al-Fadhli reported great difficulty communicating with the militants after they agreed upon the release of the Saudi Consul Abdullah Al-Khalidi who was kidnapped over a month ago. Al-Fadhli previously reported that Al-Khalidi will be soon released but has been hindered due to the intensified air strikes on the locations of militants that left around 15 dead.

In this regard, a Saudi government spokesperson stated that they determined the real identity of the kidnapper. “The real kidnapper is Mashe’l Al-Shadookhi, a member of Al-Qaeda members,” he stated.

Reasons behind Al-Khalidi kidnapping are still mysterious because reports say a family from Aden kidnapped him after he married the families’ daughter but left her behind.