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Al-Attas: Saleh Is the Reason Behind Crisis

National Yemen

Former Prime Minister Abu-Bakr Al-Attas


By: NY Staff

Former Prime Minister Haidar Abu-Bakr Al-Attas held Ali Saleh accountable for the crises taking place in Yemen and said that he is still clinging to power. Al-Attas accused Saleh for creating and financially supporting Al-Qaeda in Yemen. “He created Al-Qaeda and supported them to tell the international community that he is the sole one who is able to control Yemen,” he stated.

In a related matter, Al-Attas warned of an imminent explosion in the general situation in the country if the southern issue is not solved and said that the perfect solution is a federal state with northern and southern territories. He added that such solution should be implemented in three to five years after which people can decide where to go and what to do.

Al-Attas praised the role of Saudi Arabia Kingdom supporting security and stability in Yemen and said they aspire for another initiative by Saudi Arabia for the southern issue. He added that if the demands of the south are not met, the people will resort to the Security Council and internationally pursue and sue Saleh for $200 million because he, “looted from the country wealth” if their demands are not solved.