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Al-Odain Suffers Tyranny of Sheikhs

National Yemen

Women protesting in Al-Odain directorate against Sheikhs' crimes

By: Fatma Al-Aghbari

Reports of serious violations of human rights in Al-Odain directorate by tyrant sheikhs pushed me to pay a visit to the directorate in order to check the validity of the reports. Three main cases were under my focus when going there including the murder of Ahmed Mohammed and his son, Husam Al-Bareed and Ibrahim Al-Jabrati and the injury of Fawaz Al-Zaheeri.

There, we started investigating the three cases we came for and got to know that such cases was the reason behind the revolution there against Sheikhs and their violations. Ahmed Mohammed argued with Sheikh Al-Jamali and as the argument got intense, sons of Sheikh Al-Jamali opened fire at Ahmed with his son who died at once.  When asking Al-Jamali about the case, he stated that Ahmed and his son started attacking him with a Jambia, which made his sons open fire to defend themselves. Sheikh Jubran Basha interfered and helped attackers go to another place to hide. He promised to submit them to justice but did not do so till the moment despite the many sentences issued against them.

Youngman Ibrahim Al-Jabrati was killed as well but was not holding any weapon in his hands. Ibrahim was killed as he was trying to pay a visit to Al-Odain with his family. “They were passing through one of the checkpoints of the Sheikhs and were immediately shot at by Sheikh followers,” witnesses said. Ibrahim was shot right in the head caused him to immediately die. Attacker in this case included relatives of Sheikh Jubran Basha who also hid the attackers and did not submit them to justice.

Husam Al-Bareed was killed by Radhwan Al-Shahari who was later arrested with a number of men who were next to him when killing Husam. Days later, Radhwan’s brother went to Sheikh Jubran and requested him to help releasing his brother from jail. “Immediately after this, we heard the news of Radhwan’s escaping the prison alongside all those who were arrested with him,” people said. This in particular imply that Security Director in Al-Odain is cooperating with Sheikh Jubran which helped the killers ran away from prison.

The last case is that one of the young man Fawaz Al-Zaheeri who was shot right in the head which caused him be sustained disabled and bedridden. Fawaz now does not remember what happened to him, cannot move and is unable to talk. All Fawaz did to suffer this was going to Sheikh Sadeq Basha’s house where his brother was jailed and was reported to be severely beaten. Thus, sheikh men opened fire at Fawaz and caused him this suffering. Violations of Sheikh Sadeq Basha are not limited to shooting people for no reason, they extend to illegally detain citizens in private prisons which is considered to be striking violations against law.

People in Al-Odain suffer of the great violations of Sheikh Sadeq Basha and his son Sheikh Jubran who turned the directorate to their own kingdom and turned people there to slaves. It is striking to know that Sheikh Sadeq Basha is a member in Shura Council while his son Jubran is the Head of planning committee in the Local council. This helped them do whatever they desire with the state being able to do nothing to stop them.

Finally, it is crucial for the government to enforce its control and laws over Al-Odain directorate  and ensure that everybody there are equal. They should take their responsibility and stop the violations of Sheikh Sadeq and his son towards people.