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Ansar Al-Shariah Seizes 20 Military Tanks

National Yemen

Ansar Al-shariah-linked group

By: NY Staff

As the Yemeni army intensified its attacks and strikes on Al-Qaeda militants’ locations, sources of Ansar Al-Shariah proclaimed the army is achieving little success. A source of Ansar Al-Sharia stated that they seized 20 tanks in the last week in Abyan governorate in the Loader directorate. “They could achieve nothing but in Loader through their air strikes. We fully control Zunjubar, Waqar and Ja’ar while the army has only sustain huge losses,” stated the source.

The anonymous source added that they lost around 100 of their fighters since the beginning of the month due to the air strikes, including 10 Saudis.

In a related matter, possible Ansar Al-Shariah-linked gunmen attacked a military checkpoint in Aden using multiple types of weapons. Security source stated that they opened fire at soldiers at the checkpoint who replied using anti-air craft weapons after which assailants withdrew and no injuries were reported.

The attack comes after repeated warnings released by a security source of Ansar Al-Sharia who stated that they are ready to start attacking Aden governorate to reduce the attacks of army in Abyan governorate.

In this regard, security sources stated that they detected suspicious movements of a number of boats in the Yemeni regional water near Aden indicating a possible attack on Aden city.