Demands for Opening Media Institutions for Public Share

National Yemen

Yemeni newspapers

By: NY Staff

In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, the Center of Economic Media and Studies organized a training course on managing press teams and targeted all chief editors of independent news sites. Chairman of the Center said that the course aimed to improve institutional capacity of news organizations due to the large popularity and its effect on the public.

During the course, Minister of Youth and Sports Mu’amar Al-Eriani demanded opening media institutions including radio, television and newspaper for public share so they can contribute to the development of the Media in Yemen. According to him, many countries allowed media share with public and requested the government to grant electronic news sites more attention and care as it grants the written one. “Our country has a lot of potential and we need to invest and develop their abilities so they can help Yemen,” he added.

Head of Media and Cultural Group in the US Embassy said that the embassy was focusing on report writing.  While report writing is important, he said, “it means nothing without good management.”

He noted that news websites are significantly important as they are considered the window through which people can see into Yemen. He added that the whole world watched and followed the news of the revolution through these websites and that it is the role of independent media to convey truth of Yemeni society during the transition period.

He stressed the fact that journalists are in charge of providing Yemeni people with independent, neutral, and professional news from reliable sources.

Younes Haza’a, Deputy of Information Ministry said that electronic media has a vital role in conveying the news. He stressed the importance of supporting the electronic websites through supporting media centers.