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Disputes Emerge of the Allocation of 13 billion YR for sheikhs

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People protesting against the allocation of 13 billion YR for Sheikhs

By: NY Staff

As people in Taiz launched a protest condemning the allocation of around 13 billion YR for sheikhs in the general budget, a source within the Tribal Institution denied that the money was ever allocated. The source added that the institution previously demanded the Minister of Finance to follow the orders of President Hadi and Prime Minister Basindowa for allocating salaries for around 1200 individuals but was rejected by the minister.

According to the source, the general budget of the institution does not exceed 900 million since it was published as and distributed an amount average is  36,000 YR for each sheikh in multiple governorates. In this regard, member of Representative’s House insisted earlier on applying the presidential decree of this issue where southern sheikhs have the largest amount of the allocated budget.

It is worth mentioning that Minister of Finance Sakhr Al-Wajeeh suspended the amount of money allocated for sheikhs when he was appointed. Al-Wajeeh explained that these sheikhs are allies of the former regime and that they do not deserve this amount of money. Al-Wajeeh’s decision of suspending the salaries of sheikhs was greatly welcomed by people who considered it to be a daring step to equalize sheikhs with ordinary people.

Representative Moqbel Al-Hemiari noted that this amount of money was not allocated for sheikhs but for certain people who supported the revolution. Al-Hemiari demanded to legally restructure the situations and affairs of tribes on legal bases.