Government Prohibits Eavesdropping on Phone Calls

National Yemen

Telecom Towers

 By: NY Staff

As eavesdropping in on calls increased, government strictly prohibited all forms of eavesdropping in recent draft legislation. In the meeting it held, the government stressed that the main aim of the decision is to eliminate eavesdropping international calls due to the dangerous and destructive effects it has. “Eavesdropping has destructive results on political, economic, security and service levels and so this push aims to help the Ministry of Communication to take legal procedures to fight it and punish all those involved in it,” the government stated in a report.

In this regard, Sheba state run news agency stated that the government moved the project draft to a ministerial committee with members from the Ministry of Communication and the Ministry of Legal Affairs to review it fully and keep the government updated. According to the agency, the draft legislation aims to enhance the efforts of communication ministry in combating eavesdropping and ensure the safety of using technology.

The draft legislation drew attention on the dangers of this problem especially those related to violating the authority of the government and endangering the security of the country. It also referred to the economic impacts and how it hurts revenue generation for Yemen’s general budget.