Hadi Exceeds Expectations

Hadi came into office as a silent bureaucrat loyal to his boss of 18 years with experience limited to inaugurating projects or attending unimportant ceremonies. It is no surprise that no one was expecting much from the newly elected President Abdu-Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

However, in a short period of time Hadi has met the public ambition for change.

All his decrees have been greatly welcomed by the people during this difficult time in Yemen’s history.  He is ruling not as a puppet of the Sheikhs, nor is he bending to the military and ex-president. Instead, he is leading the country with confidence to create equal opportunities for all.

He has demonstrated leadership through his desire to eradicate the roots of Al-Qaeda and rogue militias in Yemen with the help of the EU, UK and the US. He has turned the sporadic checkpoints into areas of safety and stability. He is also working hard to restructure the military — a contentious issue that must be resolved to move the country forward. Lastly, he gave an order to remove his images from the street and is now working to restructure the GPC board. Not bad for two months in office.

Shaking off low expectations, Hadi looks set to see through the GCC Initiative. And more importantly, it looks as if Hadi is ready to set a powerful example for anyone who may follow in 2013.