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Obama’s Assistant: US Fully Supports Hadi’s Decisions

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US President Obama

By: NY Staff

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Al-Sa’adi and Minister of Finance Sakhr Al-Wajeeh had a meeting with President Obama’s Assistant Robert Taylor and Personal Assistant and Director of Development and Democracy Gill Smith at the White House in Washington D.C. During the meeting, the two ministers discussed the latest developments in the country and the possible ways of enhancing cooperation between Yemen and the U.S. in the humanitarian, development, security and economic fields and how to enhance them.

A press release issued by Yemeni Embassy in US stated that Smith and Taylor stressed the attitude of the U.S. and its support for the unity and stability of Yemen. They also confirmed that they support the efforts of the Yemeni government to fight terrorism. According to the press release, Taylor stated that Obama supports Hadi’s decisions and the efforts of his government to achieve security and stability in Yemen.

He added that Washington is encouraging stronger relations between the two countries and that they will continue supporting the conference of Yemen’s friends to be held next month in Riyadh. “It is important to involve all society segments in the national dialogue to be held later next month,” Taylor noted.

Al-Sa’adi and Al-Wajeeh expressed Yemen’s gratitude for the American role in supporting the GCC Initiative and its mechanisms. They noted to the importance of raising the economic and development aid for Yemen and showed the steps of reform implemented by the government.