Saudi Soldiers Beat Yemeni Prisoner to Death

National Yemen

Yemeni people jailed in Saudi Arabia

By: NY Staff

Al-Ezi Naji, a Yemeni prisoner in Saudi Arabia, was beaten to death by Saudi soldiers in a prison for illegal immigrants.

Other Yemeni prisoners said that the soldiers continually beat Al-Ezi Naji until he died. According to the prisoners, the incident came after a fight that erupted in one of the cells inside the prison. “After the fight, some Yemeni prisoners were taken outside the prison and beaten. Many were seriously injured including Al-Ezi Al-Dhamari, who was taken to one of the hospitals where he died,” prisoners reported.

In response to the attack, other Yemeni prisoners in Najran Prison launched a hunger strike against the bad treatment they received from soldiers. They demanded the Yemeni Consulate pay them a visit and investigate the incident of the murder and bring the attacker to justice.