Sheikh Zindani Ready for Cooperation to Release Detained Soldiers

National Yemen

Shaikh Abdul-Majeed Zandani

By YN Staff

Chairman of Al-Iman University and member of the Higher Institution of Islah Party Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani said that he is ready to cooperate with the efforts to release the soldiers detained by Al-Qaeda-linked group Ansar Al-Shariah in Abyan. Sheikh Al-Zindani conditions said that cooperation to release the 73 detained soldiers only if there is a suspension of air strikes on terrorist groups in Abyan, Shabwa and Arhab including strikes carried out by drone aircrafts.

This offer comes after the press release of Ansar Al-Shariah in which they announced that they will carry out the collective execution of the detained soldiers on April 30 in response to the execution of its members in Zunjubar.

Al-Zindani sent a call to “Brothers of Ansar Al-Sharia” and requested them not to kill their brothers in army and reminded them of the prohibition of killing foreigners. The message encouraged certain military and tribal figures to ask Al-Zindani to intervene and convince Ansar Al-Sharia to release the detained soldiers.

Al-Zindani provided his conditions during the meeting with a number of national figures who visited him to check on his health after the setback he suffered due to the impacts of a surgery he went through lately.