Yemen Mobile Improves Internet Service

National Yemen

National Yemen

By Abdul-Rahman al-Zayadi

Yemen Mobile has been working to improve its internet services in order to resolve all the problems its subscribers faced in the past. The company has received many complaints from it subscribers.

Director of Public Relations and Information Abulrahman al-Ziadi said in a statement to media outlets that the improvements and reforms the company implemented have met all the demands and expectations of its subscribers.

He stated that Yemen Mobile is currently working to include in its Internet services for customers who use iPhones and iPads.

Furthermore, the company is working to establish short interactive numbers though which the subscriber can enquire about his or her balance and receive notes about any new services of the company. The reforms were undertaken based on orders by the management of the company, which it made to respond to the demands of its subscribers.

New amendments ensured that the time period is calculated from the day the subscriber pays his bill until the same day of next month. It further ensured that the subscriber has the flexibility to move from the different packages without any extra charge.

The previous service was restricted to the month calendar as it used to begin on the first day of the month regardless of when the payment was made.

Yemen Mobile’s new Internet services were put into effect during April.

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