Yemeni Premier Donates 10 Million YR for Charity

National Yemen

Yemen Prime Minister M. Ba-Sindwa

Bushra al-Amri

Amid harsh economical conditions and acute lack of resources in Yemen, Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwah donated 10 million YR for charity.
Many people believe that donating such a large sum of money for a charity organization at such difficult financial conditions is squandering the states’ funds.
Most of the Yemeni people suffer from poverty, hunger, and unemployment, which is the result of the former regime’s rampant corruption, as well as the crises and challenges currently plaguing Yemen.
Basindwah’s donation was announced in the inauguration ceremony of the fourth stage of the relief aid campaign for families in need in the provinces of Sana’a, Taiz, Abyan, Hajjah.
The relief aid is organized by Al-Hikma Al-Yamania (Yemeni Wisdom) Charitable Society in association with the Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage and Al-Thani Charitable Foundation in Qatar.

After he donated the 10 million to Al-Hikman, he stressed that the government considers civil society organizations as a main partner in building and moving development process in Yemen forward.
Basindwah pointed out that the relief campaign can bring about change for many families affected by the recent wave of violence.
He stressed that the government is going to do its best to back and support the active organizations as well as their activities which aim to help and bring happiness to affected people.
For their part, the people who were affected by the recent wave of violence called on the government to restore stability over areas taken over by militant groups and rebuild what was demolished.

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