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Yemeni-Turkish Foundation for Development Inaugurated in Sana’a

National Yemen

Turkish Ambassador on the left to Prime Minister Ba-Sindwa

Abdurrahman Shamlan

The Yemeni-Turkish Foundation for Development was inaugurated on Wednesday at Movenpick Hotel in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.
High-ranking officials attended the opening ceremony including Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Ba-Sindwa, the Culture Minister and the Turkish ambassador Mr. Fazli Chorman and many members of parliament and media men.

During the inauguration ceremony, Ba-Sidnwa delivered a speech in which he hailed the relationship between Yemen and Turkey and showed his optimism that the future of the relations will be better.

He said that this project is going to open a new page in the relationships between the two brotherly countries as it will promote the cooperation ,exchange of experts and of businessmen visits.

“I have always hoped that Yemen becomes like Turkey or Malaysia,” he said, stressing that Yemen can follow the successful Turkish model in many fields.
He thanked Turkish Premier Minister Rajab Taeb Ordogan, calling on the Turkish side not to support the government or individuals rather to stand by the Yemeni people. He further showed his gratitude for Turkey for offering medical treatment for 51 wounded protesters, who were injured by during the past year escalation of the youth revolution that ends 34 years rule in Yemen.

Explaining the large difference between Yemen and the rest of the world, he cried and said, “Every time I go back to my country coming from another country I always cry because I love my country and I want it to be like those developed countries.”

Ba-Sindwa concluded his speech by emphasizing that the Yemeni people will eventually triumph over the obstacles and challenges facing them and that those who try to hinder the GCC-brokered power transfer deal will be the losers.

For his part, the Turkish Ambassador Mr. Fazli Chorman underlined the importance of the foundation’s role in developing the relationships between the two countries.

Chorman welcomed the growing Yemeni trends towards Turkey, saying the Turkish have the utmost respect for their Yemeni brothers and for the relationship with Yemen.

He said, the foundation will develop the ongoing brotherly relations and it will shed the light in improving the cultural, education, socila, political and commercial relations. İ am sure that this foundation will be one of the big ources to  esternght Yemen Turkey relations” Said the Ambassador.

Mohammed al-Homaiqani, the head of the Yemeni-Turkish Foundation for Development, pointed out that the foundation is non-governmental and is non-profit and said it’s the culmination of efforts exerted by Yemeni academics, businessmen, and activists.

The foundation aims to bolster the relations Yemen and Turkey politically, economically, culturally, and socially, said al-Homaiqani, adding that we [the private sector] realize that we can not enhance the bonds and move forward the

Cooperation unless our government helps us.

He said that the whole world has become like a small village, obliging the people of the world to get to know each other and learn from others’ successful experiences.

He said one of the most important things in this life is to get to know other people traditions and customs, citing a verse from Quran, the Islamic holy book, which says, “we created you as different peoples and different tribes so that you get to know each other.” It is through learning from others experience, he said, that Yemen can develop.

Shukrai al-Frais, the head of Raha company for taxis, told Yemen National that the foundation will significantly help consolidate the bonds and improve the relations between Yemen and Turkey.


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