Abyan Governor Demands Fatwa from Yemen Scholars Against Al-Qaeda

National Yemen

A Yemeni woman walks past a vehicle ador

By NY Staff

Due to the intensified operations of Al-Qaeda against locals in Abyan, Governor Jamal Al-Aqel called on the Yemeni scholars to issue a Fatwa condemning all crimes of Al-Qaeda.

Al-Aqel said that Al-Qaeda killed hundreds while other thousands were displaced due to their operations and attacks. He added that people of the governorate are getting together as they know the danger of militant groups.

In an interview, Al-Aqel praised the efforts of the 111 Brigade in defending Loader and preventing the spread of militant groups. In addition, the governor denied the reported dispute between the brigade and the public committees allocated for defending the city and said they are cooperating to fight Al-Qaeda.

In regard of the situations there, he said that things are well despite catastrophe people have been going through over a year. “ The government must pay Abyan’s displaced people more attention due to the difficult situations they suffer. Everybody should do what ever they can to help them,” he stated.

In a related matter, Al-Aqel denied the reports of that Loader was announced as the capital of Abyan governorate.

It is worth mentioning that the armed groups have been going through harsh battles with the tribal supported Yemen army supported resulting in hundreds of casualties for both sides.