Al-Mustaqbal Party grants women 35%

National Yemen

A side of Yemeni women on the first women conference

Secretary General of Al-Mustaqbal Democratic Party Saleh Al-Jala’ae said that the party does not have any specific intellectual, political or religious ideology and that the major principle for the party is to build a modern Yemen.

 Al-Jala’ae said that the party contains members from all the governorates and a number of revolutionary youth.

“We aspire to represent the constructive and meaningful opposition especially after losing any opposition party as all gathered in the government of reconciliation,” Al-Jala’ae. According to him, the party is considered to be the first among the newly established parties to become formally licensed with over 35% women representation in the party.

In regard of the national dialogue, Al-Jala’ae noted that the party has a unique vision towards participating in the dialogue that will push the GCC initiative forward.

During the inaugurating ceremony, members approved the main internal mechanisms of the party and elected a higher committee headed by Ismail Al-Jala’ae. The committee also included Ammar Mohammed and Nabeel Abdulla.