Basindowa Refuses to Give Sheiks 13 Billion YR

National Yemen

National Yemen

By NY Staff

Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa paid a visit to the freedom square in Taiz governorate and prayed with the protestors in the square. After praying, Basindowa promised the protestors not to approve the 13 billion YR that was allocated for Sheikhs. “This money was paid to them by the former regime to gain their loyalty, but it is not going to happen anymore,” he stated.

Basindowa assured the protestors that he will work till the revolution accomplishes its goals and that the new government is working to build the country and improve it. He called on the youth to effectively take part in the National Dialogue to help Yemen survive the crises. “Taiz is the center of Yemen and the starting point of development in Yemen,” he added.

During his visit, Basindowa inaugurated a number of projects in different fields including communication and internet centers and sport stadiums, which were distributed among a number of directorates in Taiz city.

Prior to his visit to the protestors, prime minister held a meeting with the governorate administrators in the local and executive authority to discuss the urgent needs for restoring stability and security in Taiz. They also discussed the need for development and service projects that will help developing the governorate and overcome the crises of the past.

In this regard, Minister’s Council reviewed the report of Taiz governor in regard to the general situation of security in the need for security forces to restore stability in the governorate. Depending on the information provided in the report, the council approved assigning a ministerial committee consisting of Defense Minster and members of the Interior Ministry to take the needed procedures and solutions for improving the performance of the security forces in Taiz.