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Foreign Aid Causes Harm More Than Good?

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Does Foreign Aid Causes Harm More Than Good?

N.Y Staff

Because of its current economic state, Yemen is in need of large amounts of foreign aid. However, not all the Yemeni people agree that foreign aid is useful. Some of them consider it as a good thing while others look at it as a source of problems.

As a result of these differing points of view, the Spanish ambassador hosted Yemeni debaters who debates on the results of   “Foreign Aids does it Causes More Harm than Good” in his house with a number of youth who split into two groups to discuss these opposing views.

Members in support of aid said it was a good tool to develop Yemen. Rafat Al-Akhali, a group member, said that the Yemeni government doesn’t have enough resources to have a stable economy and must depend on foreign aid to keep it afloat.

On the other hand, those opposed to aid completely agreed with that aid does more harm than good. Attiaf Al-Wazeer, said that the foreign aid prevents progress and most of the aid goes to the bank and government. “The foreign aid is purely bad and most of it goes to the military,” Ebrahim Muthanna added.

Rana Jirhoom from to pro-aid group said that the problem is neither on the foreign aid nor the donors; the problem is on the people who receive the money. “If the government uses the aid in a perfect way Yemen will be developed,” she said.

At the end of the debate most of the participants agreed that Yemen can be developed without the foreign aid if they use revenues from oil, gas and tourism strategically.