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Himayah Organization Condemns Torture of Yemeni Citizens

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Military forces continue their campaign of removing barricades in Sana;a

By NY Staff

Himayah Organization for Human Rights strongly condemned the continued human right crimes committed by security forces against citizens in Yemen. More specifically, it strongly condemns the torture that citizen Mohammed Saleh was subjected to by members of Al-Olofi police station that caused him to die.

The organization forwarded the case to the concerned authorities in the capital but the criminals were not arrested at the time of print. Violations against human rights also extend to the Azal police station where members of the station harshly tortured Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Wosabi. Even though the defendants were put in prison, they were able to escape before the Minister of Interior Abdulqader Qahtan directed concerned authorities to move their case to persecution and take legal actions against them.

The organization holds relevant authorities and forces accountable for any violations and tortures against jailed citizens. It strongly rejects using any tools for torturing citizens held at the police stations where such crimes are committed. In this regard, it demands the concerned authorities take needed procedures to prevent such thing from happening and submit any one accused for violations and bring them to justice.

The organization also demands the Interior Ministry to issue decrees to all police stations and security forces in all governorates banning them from committing such actions against citizens. Decrees must ban them from using any physical or psychological torture as stipulated in local and international laws.