Islamic Relief Distributes Food Aid for Loader Displaced People

National Yemen

Loader Displaced People

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

As the number of displaced people increase, Islamic relief launched a help campaign distributing urgent food aid for around 1,632 families. The displaced families received no help since they left their city in 2012 and started living in 75 schools in Aden.

When the campaign was inaugurated, Aden Governor Waheed Ali Rasheed noted that the Islamic relief distributes monthly food aid for 21,000 displaced families in Aden and other 4,000 one in Lahj in corporation with the World Food Program. Rasheed stated that Islamic Relief used a list of 2,800 displaced families issued by the local council to identify the families.

A recent study demonstrated that 90% of the displaced families are dependent on neighbors, friends and relatives aid while the rest 10% are self-dependent. According to the study, around 35% of the displaced expressed a need for clothing, children milk and clean water.

Islamic Relief Organization was the first to help the displaced since July 2011 with health banks and remote kitchens to provide them with needed portions of food.

In this regard, Higher Commission for Refugees Affairs stated that the number of displaced people from Ja’ar city reached 15,0000 thousands and that it expects more than 12,0000 others to escape Zunjbar, Khanfar, Koud, Loader and Shakra.