Minister of Transport: Closing Aden Port Harms All Yemenis

National Yemen

Sahariage Aden, a historical site

The port of Aden closed last week due to a strike fifteen days ago. Minister of Transport condemned their strike and said

The Minister of Transport condemned the ongoing 15-day strike that closed the port of Aden last week, causing problems for maritime traffic. The minister said that the closure of the port will not help realize the demands of the strikers regardless of how fair they are.

According to the minister, officials will no longer allow the workers to close the port as they do not want to inflict further damage on Yemen’s precarious economic situation. He added that the government would stand by as such actions harm the Yemeni people as important cargo such as medicine and essential foods.

“We do not want to give whoever a chance to think that the reason behind the deterioration in Aden port is a result of the strikers,” the minister added.

Batheeb directed his speech to the workers saying that they have to look for the larger picture and start thinking about how to improve it rather than cause more problems.