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Saleh’s Nephew Hands over 3rd Brigade of Republican Army

National Yemen

Tariq Mohammed Abdullah

After many days of rejecting Hadi’s decisions, nephew of the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Tareq Mohammed Abdullah, handed over his authority as the commander of the Republican Guard’s 3rd Brigade. The news was announced by UN special envoy to Yemen, Jamal Bin Omar yesterday who visited Yemen in order to convince Tariq to hand over his authority as President Hadi requested.

According to Bin Omar, the hand-over of the brigade’s office was in line with Yemen president’s decrees.

“It is time to end army division and reconstruct the army. Now we must begin a comprehensive national dialogue that will lead to a new constitution and an election in 2014,” Bin Omar said.

Bin Omar expressed his confidence that Yemen’s president and Yemenis will cope with the security difficulties and said he is sure that Yemenis will overcome this crisis.