Yemen Loses $22 Billion due to Crises in 2011

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By NY Staff

As effects of the crises Yemen witnessed in the last year became more noticeable, a field study showed that protests and military conflicts cost Yemen around $ 22 billion in economic productivity. Yemeni economic expert Ahmed Shamakh said the study was the result of field visits to many Yemeni governorates.

According to the study, losses included among many of the government institutions including hospitals, schools, police station, power and water institutions, oil pipelines and governmental complexes.

“Real loses may exceed the estimates,” Shamakh warned. The study also showed that a large segment of Yemenis suffer extreme poverty; of such, 85% live in rural areas.

The study also showed that the country lacks a much-needed economic vision. This, the report says, may help improve the general situations of all Yemenis rather than improving the status of only well to do people. Shamakh noted that this study is the only one up till the moment and that it did not specify the material and human losses since the beginning of 2011 till now due to the lack of specialized centers and institutions.

Who is Ahmed, did he take part in the study? Did he do it?

You’re saying the study doesn’t include the losses from the beginning of 2011-present, but the title of the article says that $22 billion was lost in 2011.