30 Yemeni Soldiers Killed in al-Qaeda Attack

National Yemen

Fahd al-Qus'a (Fahd al-Quso) Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Around 30 soldiers were killed in an attack carried out by al-Qaeda-linked gunmen against military locations last Sunday in Abyan governorate, in south Yemen.

Local and military sources stated that the surprise attack resulted in the death of 30 soldiers; tens more soldiers were kidnapped. According to sources, militants seized military vehicles and equipment belonging to the Yemeni army from the same locations. No deaths have yet been reported for al-Qaeda members involved in the attack.

A tribal leader announced that Fahd al-Qas’a, a wanted member of al-Qaeda, had been killed in an American air strike on Sunday evening in Shabwa southern governorate. The news was confirmed by Abdulmajeed Bin-Fareed al-Awlaqi.

A source close to al-Qas’a stated that two missiles had been fired in the vicinity of his house and that two of his bodyguards had been killed along with him.

Local sources reported that the al-Qaeda-affiliated group Ansar al-Sharia attacked last week two military locations in Daofas and Kood in Zunjubar city last week. Both military locations belong to the 115th Brigade, which is led by Ali Haidra al-Hanashi.