Al-Mekhlafi: Abusive campaign won’t stop fight against corruption

National Yemen

Minister of Legal Affairs Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi

An abusive campaign launched by GPC media channels against the reconciliation government aims at hindering the ongoing GCC initiative process and challenges internationally-sanctioned laws, said Minister of Legal Affairs Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi

In a press release issued by the minister’s office, Al-Mekhlafi stated that the campaign aims to drag the country into a civil war and chaos while also emphasizing that it would not succeed. “This campaign aims at terrifying the minister and the new government so they will stop working on the Transitional Justice Act,” stated Al-Mekhlafi

Media loyal to the GPC – including Al-Jumhoor Net and Suhail net – published reports about Al-Mekhlafi, alleging that he had falsified a report on behalf of the committee formed by Ministers’ Council to study the implementation of the general sales law

In response to such reports, the press release also stated, “Issuing such false news will not make the ministry stop fighting corruption and the government will continue its work in applying the GCC initiative.”

The Ministry of Legal Affairs called on all media known for their professionalism to fight such false news and to effectively participate in pushing the political process forward. The Ministry also requested assistance in implementing Security Council decisions

Minister al-Mekhlafi has previously been subjected to a number of abusive campaigns in response to his part in preparing the transitional justice act