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Houthis: Final position on national dialogue not yet determined

National Yemen

Abdul Malik al-Houthi

An official spokesperson from the office of Abdulmalik Al-Houthi has stated that the group has not determined its final position in relation to the national dialogue.

“However, we assure all Yemenis that our attitude will take defending the revolution and its goals and achievements into consideration,” he added.

More definite was the stated Houthi stance towards western powers. The spokesperson made it clear that the Houthis wouldn’t accept any dialogue held under western supervision.

The Houthis’ attitude is in line with that of leaders in the Southern Movement, who themselves have refused to join the national dialogue. Their condition for participation in the dialogue is for it to be held under the watch of the United Nations and not under Saudi Arabian and American supervision.

The Consultative Meeting for Revolutionary Forces – held in Sa’ada governorate – closed sessions which ran from March 3-5. Following the closing of the last meeting, participants issued a release confirming the necessity of continuing the revolution until all goals had been achieved. The release stressed that acts of revolution represented the only way to prepare Yemen’s freedom squares for effective participation in the national dialogue.

“The real reference for this dialogue must be revolutionary legitimacy rather than the GCC initiative, and any kind of western interference is fully rejected,” stated the release.