Public Institution for Telecommunications complains

National Yemen

YEMEN Telecom tower

Despite the hard work we undertake to provide our customers with the best professional services and our continuous search for the best facilities, we have found some media outlets publishing false news about the Public Institution for Telecommunications. The news reports stated that internet service subscribers had been charged additional fees. These media outlets also stated that it was a requirement that banned websites be opened, websites which we close in accordance with our religion and principles as a Muslim society.

In this regard, we stress the fact that employees of our institution do their work at a high level of professionalism and work to provide their services to customers in the very best ways. We also work constantly work to ensure that the best quality of services are provided to our community, in accordance with the laws, values and instructions of Islam, and in a way that ensures the promotion and development of society.

Here, we confirm that the institution as a technical one is assigned to manage the internet services and will not withhold any site except as required by working laws and in accordance with our duties. The decision to ban websites will be carried out by authorized sections that direct us to do so.

Finally, all media must best look for the accuracy of their news and be committed to principles of professional work and criticism. In the institution, we are ready to receive inquiries and professionally reply to them and work for the best of our country and people.