Schools announce open days for cleanliness

National Yemen

initiative campaigns to clean schools

By: Abdulrazaq Al-Az’azy

Khawla Primay School in Haradh governorate announced an open day for cleanliness in the school last Monday. During the day, all students and staff at the school participated in the campaign. The organized day was held in cooperation with the “For Everybody” institution.

Mariam Arran, the school’s principal, said, “Making all the students and teachers participate in the cleanliness campaign raises awareness and instills values in the children.” Besides being cleaned, trees were planted and paint used to add color to surfaces.

A similar campaign was recently launched by Al-Zahra’a Primary and Secondary school for girls, where classes were distributed to groups which had been assigned to keep the school clean. The school’s principal said that she specified a number of periods for extracurricular activities to keep the school clean. She stressed the importance of cooperation between all segments of society in allowing the cleanliness projects to succeed.

The two campaigns were launched in accordance with a youth initiative sponsored by the “For Everybody” Institution in a number of directorates – including Haradh, Al-Sheikh Othman, Dar Sa’ad and Haja Governorate – and will continue until the end of May.

The team has targeted a number of other schools, including Al-Ta’awn, Assedeq, Al-Kefah, AlSha’ab and Al-Durah. It also focused on the General Hospital, a number of governmental institutions, and the main street in Haradh governorate.

Sharief Al-Ashwal, the main coordinator of the campaign, said that they will plant trees in all targeted locations and paint sidewalks black and yellow.

A number of local scholars in mosques encouraged people to cooperate with the initiative teams and help them clean the streets.