All-women human rights team visits Nehm

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Yemeni women activist

By: Bushra Al-Ameri

A team of female journalists and activists from the Raqeeb human rights organization paid a visit to Nehm district last Thursday to evaluate the humanitarian situation there. Raqeeb staff members also sought out meetings with local women and children to obtain accounts of the suffering and difficulties experienced during the last war in Nehm.

The team of women – which included involvement from a number of organizations – was considered the first of its kind to visit the city and document violations.

Results and findings from the visit will be delivered in a press conference to be held later this week, when the organization itself will be officially introduced to the public.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Shaleef, chairman of Raqeeb, said the organization had documented human rights violations over the past year in Arhab, Nehm and Bani-Jormooz districts. “The organization will go into the field to visit similar villages in the coming days, to document violations that took place there and hold those responsible for their crimes,” he added.

The visit was welcomed by local villagers, who praised the team and entreated them, alongside other NGOs, to make further efforts at documenting their suffering.

Nehm district sits 35 km away from the capital and was the site of intense combat between those people in the district who sided with the revolution and local military camps and personnel.