Basindowa personal guard kills security guard at institute

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Basindaw Regret for his guard action

Yemeni citizen and security guard Bilal Sanabani was killed by a member of Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa’s personal guard in front of Sana’a’s Exceed language institute on Friday. The guard opened fire after a personal argument arose before the institute’s front gate.

Eyewitnesses said that Sanabani, 25, had refused to give access to members of Basindowa’s personal guard, who, armed and traveling in cars, tried to enter the institute grounds with the pretext that they had arrived to pick up the prime minister’s daughter, who is a partner of the institute.

An official spokesperson said Basindowa had given an order to arrest the killer. Meanwhile, tribes related to the Sanabani family have declared they are prepared to seek revenge for the killing. Another source said Basindowa had called on the minister of the interior to take action and investigate the incident.