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On Friday night, revolutionary youths commenced shouting their refusal of the National Dialogue. The youths, considering the National Dialogue a betrayal of revolutionary martyrs, set forth their own conditions.

This action comes as an act of blackmail against President Hadi’s decision to form a committee for communication and dialogue, one which contains civil and political figures such as Dr. Yaseen Saeed Nu’man, Dr. Motahar Al-Eriani, Abdulwahab Al-Anisi and Abdulqader Hilal. The odd thing about their refusal is that they didn’t refuse the formation of the government, which was headed by Prime Minister Mohammed Basindowa, who is also the head of the Preparatory Committee for the National Dialogue.

Mohammed Assabri, spokesperson for the Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue, belittled the prospects of the new committee succeeding, saying that the committee included many of Saleh’s allies. Responding to that, I would say that he did not consider the fact that he regularly deals with Saleh’s allies, and also that the government already includes many such individuals. All speeches and attitudes aim at weakening the positions and decisions of President Hadi, including the statement by Basindowa that American drone strikes are carried out without his knowledge. They all aim to completely blame Hadi and embarrass him in front of others, especially those from southern governorates.

Billionaire Hameed Al-Al-Ahmar considers the National Dialogue his own personal property and believes that the “Preparatory Committee might be the first and last one that desires to continue forever.” Naturally, the Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue was supposed to perform its work and duty as the country went through real crises that led to the revolution. However, any acts made to retrieve its authority now are going to be considered mere attempts to make it an alternative for parties that fought for years such as Islah and the Socialist Party. Thought it could unfortunately replace the JMP in heading the government, it must not replace it in the political process.

All people see that President Hadi could, within a short time, make fateful decisions regarding military institutions. Though many mocked him and doubted his ability to loosen Saleh’s grip on him, he has surprised everybody and removed many of Saleh’s power points in the army, including key relatives. However, as soon as he moved towards weakening the power of the other side – Ali Mohsen and the Al-Ahmar family – they started using their “revolutionary veto.”

Surrounding the early presidential elections, Islahis raised Hadi’s photos in an exaggerated manner and even issued a fatwa decreeing that people vote for him. But their attitude shifted when Hadi started pressing Ali Mohsen. They took his photos down from Change squares, sending him the message “We can also rebel against you.”

There are independent and honest people at the Change Squares. It can also be said they are not easily influenced. Those who condemned Hadi and who have tried to blackmail him were not the real revolutionary youth, but were instead people who had been pushed by Hameed Al-Ahmar and Ali Mohsen

I am very confident that President Hadi will not be a tool in the hands of Ali Mohsen and the Al-Ahmar’s family. Revolutionary youth, Houthis, Herak and the General People’s Congress must give him strong support if he is to weaken the tribes and both strengthen control of and unify the army. They should support him until he removes Ahmed Ali Saleh and Ali Mohsen with one presidential decree

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