Envisioning an end to discrimination against women

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The Human Rights Information and Training Center, in cooperation with the International Women’s Union for Peace and Freedom, recently held a panel discussion covering implementation of Security Council resolution 1325. The resolution’s focus is on putting an end to discrimination against women and promoting an agenda of peace and security.

More than 50 activists – including Maha Awadh, Amna Mohsen, other human rights activists and representatives of civil society organizations – participated in the in panel discussion.

The discussion focused on challenges and obstacles standing in the way of full participation of women, access to decision-making positions and the ability to determine priorities to ensure peace, security and equality for women.

This discussion concluded with some suggestions and recommendations. The panelists primarily focused on activating institutional laws and procedures to mitigate the ravages of armed conflict on women and developing centers for counseling and for psychosocial, social and legal support for women and families. Furthermore, they demanded integrated and beneficial studies on women to follow-up on their needs and monitor the features of their conditions in armed conflict and at work so that a database, disaggregated by gender, could be created.

Activists also promoted the idea that ensuring women’s knowledge of all their rights will enable them to claim and promote their rights. According to the activists, further education for all men and women about women’s rights and their responsibilities would ensure a growing respect for the rights of others. Other points of emphasis were working on women’s access to justice, striving to achieve equality before the law, and ensuring that perpetrators of violence against women would have the least possible chances of escaping punishment.

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