National Blood Transfusion Center importing banned test substance

National Yemen

Document proof importing banned test substance

By:Mohammed Al-Absi

Yemenis suffering from Hepatitis have been subjected to great risks, as the manager of the National Center for Blood Transfusions and Research has been found to have imported a substance for testing the disease that is banned throughout the world.

Instruction documents state that the substance must not be used in centers that conduct blood tests: “You may not use Anti-HCV lotion in blood banks, blood donation centers or any other institutions that have blood tests or products.”

It is clear that the manufacturer did not offer such a warning without reason; it clearly understands that in Europe, prosecution would follow if the lotion harmed people. However, in underdeveloped countries, patients are often misinformed. In addition, companies often export low quality medical supplies and medicines to such countries.

When asked to explain himself, the manager summed up the situation with one word: “corruption.”

It is worth mentioning that health institutions generally pay less attention to blood tests, leaving many to people die or become sick due in ignorance. A man died in one of Sana’a’s private hospitals when they transferred the wrong blood type to him, causing him to immediately die.