Public Fund attorney directs Finance Ministry to halt funding of mosque

National Yemen

Finance Minister

After approving the allocation of 200 million YR for the construction of a mosque at Al-Iman University, the Public Fund Court has directed Finance Minister Sakhr Al-Wajeeh to suspend all funding-related activities.

Lawyer Nazi Al-Emad sent a message to the minister demanding that he provide the court with necessary documents and cease carrying out procedures related to the proposed mosque until an investigation into the legality of the funding decision had been held.

The national reconciliation government received a great deal of criticism when Al-Wajeeh approved the 200 million YR for the construction of the mosque. Responding to the criticism, the government said the amount had been allocated by the former regime and that the court is only responsible for approving it.

In formal complaints, lawyer Nazih Al-Emad stated that the government’s decision to approve this amount of money should be considered a crime and a misappropriation of public funds. He demanded the suspension of any procedures related to the funding amount and claimed that he will seek to have those responsible for the allocation held accountable.

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