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President Hadi faces pressures on all sides

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President Hadi Celebrate the National Day May 22nd

BY: Mohammed Abdo Al-Absi

Yemen’s current situation has President Hadi facing a great many pressures from different sides and parties. Though he was elected president for all Yemenis, we found certain sides dealing with him as if he had been elected to be the giant lantern. Observing reality, we can see that Hadi faces many local and international pressures that he must ignore in order to demonstrate his authority to all.

From one side, southerners want Hadi to merely act as the south’s president, while northerners want him to deal strictly with the unity issue. However, neither of these attitudes will lead to any improvements in the country’s general situation.

 Moreover, on the one hand, Ali Abdullah Saleh can see that Hadi hasn’t been giving any special considerations to any of his relatives. On the other hand, Ali Mohsen and the Al-Ahmar family have been putting pressure on Hadi to remove Saleh’s son Ahmed from his position so that they may feel safe. Here, Saleh should be thankful for his current position and remember seeing what happened to Mubarak and his sons. Also, the Al-Ahmar family should realize that they cannot continue to rule us as they have in years past.

Ali Saleh’s family wants Hadi to be president with the vice authorities only. The family members refused Hadi’s decisions to replace them and caused many problems before handing over their power in the presence of Jamal Benomar. Their initial rejection and Bin-Omar’s coming to solve such issues clearly indicates that we do not have any authority in our country and that we need international help for even small matters.

From another perspective, members of the GPC want Hadi to be more attentive to the party as he is a member of it. However, Islahis keep sending him messages saying he should be a president for all and that they are the ones who allowed him to reach his current position as president of Yemen. Hadi is put between a rock and a hard place because neither of the parties are satisfied with what he is doing or will do.

Ansar Al-Sharia does not want to be considered as part of the Al-Qaeda network of terrorist groups. They want to be dealt with as though they are a local movement, similar to that which is known as Ansar Allah in Sa’ada. They want to finish the war with the end result that both sides are winners. In their opinion, they can keep controlling cities they seize while the government keeps the group’s authority before the people.

On the revolutionary level, the revolution organizational committee has twenty conditions for the national dialogue. Elsewhere, the Naserite party overreacted regarding the dialogue commission formed by Hadi and pushed their supporters into launching a march towards Hadi’s house. They marched on Hadi’s house, sending him the message that they are with him but can rebel against him in the future. An important question here to be asked is who decides when marches must be launched? “They told us we have to go on a march and so we did,” a revolutionary said. A quick answer shows that it is not the youth who decide important matters.

The Houthis have their own share in the pressures on Hadi. They too have announced conditions for participating in the dialogue. Many other figures and movements besides provide challenging conditions and messages to the president regarding what they want.

Looking at all of this, we see the country torn apart and parties and different factions setting their own conditions for joining the national dialogue. Though Hadi faces all these pressures alone, Basindowa only made it worse, blaming Hadi for the American airstrikes on Ansar Al-Sharia militants. Moreover, he announced that the YR 13 million transfer to the sheikhs won’t be approved even while he knows that it is only the Minister of Finance who can add it to the government budget. Hence, he should send a message to Minister of Finance Sakhr Al-Wajeeh ordering him not to approve it rather than putting the president under yet more pressured.

People calling for prosecuting those who have rejected Hadi’s decisions should themselves be obedient and accept his decisions regarding the national dialogue and the dialogue commission instead of rejecting them also. They are supposed to receive the national dialogue with open hands and minds and do their best for the country without any preconditions.

Hadi must not succumb to any pressures and blackmailing from any party and serve as president for all Yemenis if he wants the country to survive the current situation. He has to deal firmly and seriously with all those playing with the country’s future, no matter the consequences. This is the only way Yemen can survive.