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A National Yemen Special Edition

National Yemen

A National Yemen Special Edition

A National Yemen Special Edition

The National Yemen is celebrating its second anniversary with a magazine to bring in the 22nd anniversary of Yemen’s National Unity Day, commemorating the day on which the two parts of Yemen merged to become one unified state.

The magazine itself – released on May 22 – has been printed using high-quality paper to reflect the progress of our newspaper.

Influential diplomats, including the American, Turkish and British Ambassadors to Yemen, shared their perspectives on Yemen’s road ahead.

Thought-provoking features such as a piece detailing the complex, fascinating relationship between former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, defected general Ali Mohsen, and late sheikh of sheikhs Abdullah Al-Ahmar make this special edition worth spending some time with.

For this publication, we have been honored with editorial contributions from various ambassadors. Excellent writers also submitted an intriguing and worthwhile assemblage of stories which discuss Yemen’s past – and its present.