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Al-Qaeda suicide bombings kill number of Houthis

By: NY Staff

The Al-Qaeda affiliate Ansar Al-Sharia set off two explosions in Sa’ada and Jawf governorates, killing around ten Houthis. In a press release issued on Friday, Ansar Al-Sharia stated that the explosions had been carried out by their ‘Aish Division’ affiliate and also that they had left behind a number of dead and injured Houthis.

“A suicide bomber joined a protest held by hundreds of Houthis in Sa’ada and then blew himself up, resulting in around 20 casualties,” read the press release. A security source reported that around ten Houthis were killed, while others were injured as they passed by in cars and past a school at the time of the explosion.

As for the explosion that took place in Jawf governorate, the press release stated that a suicide bomber had driven into Aisha schools in the governorate targeting a meeting held by Houthi leaders that they blew the car up inside the school. “One of the important leaders was among the casualties,” stated the press release.

At the same time, Houthis in Sa’ada governorate also discovered a man who reportedly planned to carry out a suicide bombing mission.

“The suicide bomber was discovered before he could carry out his operation, which caused him to mistakenly blow himself up – but none of the protesters was hurt,” said the security source.