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Al-Mohattwari: “Revolution didn’t fully succeed, but could break barriers of fear”

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Dr. Al-Murtadha Bin-Zaid Al-Mohattwari

N.Y Staff

In an interview with Al-Hawia Arabic newspapers, Dr. Al-Mohattwari, law professor and founder of the Bader Mosque, spoke about obstacles he faced when establishing Al-Zidia University. He added that he hoped to see the university project be completed after the revolution’s conclusion

According to him, he was not far from the political scene as he warned against using the nation’s youth in American wars against terrorism.

Al-Mohattwari sent a message to President Hadi asking him to stick by the traits he is known for, transparency and justice.

Regarding the revolution, Al-Mohattwari said that it didn’t fully succeed, but that it could break barriers of fear and end habits of submission to oppressors.

He believes the main cause of the revolution’s failure is a national and international conspiracy against it.

With respect to Ali Mohsen intentions to return all the properties he has been accused of looting, Al-Mohattwari expressed doubt and demanded that he be compensated for damage done to his mosque and caused, he said, by Mohsen. “This would be the only way to believe that Mohsen is sincere and willing to return people’s rights,” he added.

The Islah party received its share of criticism as Al-Mohattwari said that Islahis want all Yemeni people to adopt the party’s own beliefs.

Al-Mohattwari denied having received any donations from Prime Minister Basindowa for the Bader Center and went on to ask Basindowa to provide mosques in need of help with donations rather than providing funds to organizations that aren’t in need.

Al-Mohattwari spoke about the southern issue, saying that of all people, the south clings to unity the most. In his opinion, they were subjected to injustice and oppression when their lands and possessions were looted by northerners. “They must be given their rights back,” he added.

He concluded the interview by speaking about the soon-to-be-held National Dialogue Conference. Al-Mohattwari expressed support for the dialogue, provided that all participants’ forces and parties put Yemen first.