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Governor of Hadhramout submits, rescinds resignation

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Hadhramout's Governor

By: NY Staff

Over the last two days in Mukalla, demonstrations demanding the dismissal of Hadhramout Governor Khalid Al-Dayany poured into the streets. In response, Al-Dayany submitted his resignation to President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who has shown no public sign of receiving the resignation.

On early Saturday morning, a lawyer for the governor went out into the street demanding that the governor rescind his resignation and serve out the rest of his term in office. Supporters of the governor joined the procession and chanted his name.

In response to similar gatherings staged throughout Hadhramout, Al-Dayany did in fact rescind his resignation.

Now, Al-Dayany has said that he is “seeking talented professionals to work alongside to develop new strategies to revive business activity in the governorate.”

In the same speech, he said that when he initially submitted his resignation, it wasn’t because of weakness or self-interest, but in response to what he called a “sad feeling… seeing the people of my governorate suffer from many problems and difficulties.”

Al-Dayany concluded, “Now, with the support of President Hadi, I can inform all of you that we will solve the major problems in Hadhramout – including fixing the electricity situation and establishing a fund to rebuild what was destroyed in the floods.”