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HOOD organization praises peaceful protests in south

National Yemen

Hood Organization for Defending Human rights

By: NY Staff

The Hood Organization for Defending Human Rights has stated that it fully supports the use of peaceful protests in southern Yemen to achieve demands – whatever they may be – just as long as the demands are in line with the Yemeni people’s general aspirations.

The organization praised the southern people’s struggle, stating that it began a long time ago and has involved a great deal of sacrifice.

However, the organization stated in a press release that armed protests carried out by southern movement supporters provide evidence only of weakness: “The armed protests assure people that the demands of the southern movement supporters are only of a few people who have failed to convince the national community with their demands.”

The organization condemned what it described as violations of peaceful protest by southern movement supporters, including attacks targeting Change Squares and party and media headquarters.

“History and reality shows that the adoption of violent measures leads to the same in return, basically an endless road,” stated the organization.