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Inmates in Beida governorate say local judges are absent

National Yemen

Prisoners in central Bank of Beida Governorate

By: NY Staff

Prison inmates in Beida governorate have complained that local judges have literally been absent from their posts. Following the suspension of a strike which began nine months ago, judges in Beida were supposed to have resumed work activity.

In a statement delivered to media outlets, prisoners said that all judges in the governorate – and especially those working in the appellate court – aren’t committed to their work, and that this has resulted in the arrest and detention of individuals without any prosecution.

“We spent more than a year in prison without any legal trial,” stated the prisoners. Complainants stated that courts in Beida governorate are unsupervised and that they no longer seek justice, but only prosecutions.

At the same time, according to the inmates, even prosecutions can be painfully slow in arriving.

“There are some who have been imprisoned for more than ten years and who still await their prosecution,” read the prisoners’ statement.

In the statement – also sent to the nation’s president, prime minister, the chairman of the higher judiciary council, minister of justice attorney general and various human rights organizations, the inmates questioned why no solutions to their problem had been found, and further stated that they would hold the above responsible for finding such solutions in a speedy manner.