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Preparing university graduates with information technology qualifications

National Yemen

Sana'a University

By: NY Staff

The International Bank of Yemen has concluded an extensive information technology training program for postgraduate and students who have graduated from Yemeni universities over the past three months. Sixty students from various universities participated in the program, which was sponsored by Western Union.

During the graduation ceremony, Mr. Ahmed Thabet al-Absi, general manager of the International Bank of Yemen, spoke about the importance of training and qualifications to help improve their country’s different development sectors. He said the program, which cost 30 million Yemeni riyals, aims to enhance the abilities of trainers and to provide them with the latest skills in the information technology field.

Al-Absi added that the local market needs very qualified employees and if the outcomes of their university training didn’t meet with market requirements and the bank’s role, Western Union designed this program to allow the students to cope with their second year.

“Our goal is to prepare the Yemeni youth for the local and Gulf market, with full capacities,” he concluded.