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Yemen Mobile Holds General Assembly Meeting, Releases Financial Reports

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General Assembly Meeting of Yemen Mobile

By: NY Staff

The Yemeni Telecommunication Company Yemen Mobile held its fifth General Assembly Meeting on Wednesday in Sana’a and released its financial records for 2011. Announcements were also made about soon-to-be-launched improvements to its communications and internet services.

The meeting was attended by the Yemeni Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ahmed Obaid.

In his speech, Dr. Ali Naji Nasari, General Director of Yemen Mobile, said his company achieved progress in terms of its profits, as net profits for 2011 increased to YR 24,757,000,000, compared with 22,100,000,000 in the previous year.

He also said that company assets in 2011 reached YR 104 billion, up from 971 million in the previous year, and that revenues amounted to YR 51 billion and 888 million, compared with 47 billion and 912 million of the same period in 2008.

Nasari said that Yemen Mobile will provide its subscribers with more advanced communication services in order to meet subscribers’ expectations and needs.

For his part, inister Ahmed Obaid pointed out that the communications sector and telecommunications companies do a great deal to help and support the national economy.

He revealed ministry plans to revamp the country’s communications sector in a way that ensures organized competition among existing companies and encourages and attracts foreign companies, including improved communications and internet services and the inclusion of new services such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Among the attendees was the well-known poet Muadh al-Junid, who recited two poems.