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Al-Qaeda attempts to take control of Ba-Taes in Abyen

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Military fighters together with tribal militants in Abyen

Armed clashes between army-supported militias and Yemeni Al-Qaeda affiliate Ansar Al-Sharia in Abyan governorate’s Ba-Taes have intensified as the latter has attempted to take control of the city for strategic reasons.

The outskirts of the city have witnessed violent fighting, as Al-Qaeda gunmen launched a series of attacks aimed at gaining control of Ba-Taes, considered to be an entry point to Ja’ar, a central Al-Qaeda stronghold.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense announced that 20 gunmen affiliated with Al-Qaeda had been killed in recent battles. The announcement also stated that two cards belonging to the gunmen had been destroyed and that a number of soldiers had also died in the clashes.

Soldiers reported that the continuous battles at the entry-points to the city provoked the terrorist organization to send hundreds of its militants to attack army positions, causing the army to suffer significant losses.

Al-Qaeda gunmen managed to attack locations controlled by militiamen and managed to kill seven. Further attacks left behind further dead and injured Al-Qaeda militants and army soldiers.

According to soldiers, last Thursday, army forces managed to seize communications equipment, motorcycles and light weapons used by Al-Qaeda militants.