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Al-Zindani denies relationship with CIA

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The office of Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani has denied reports that the controversial sheikh had direct relations with the CIA or any other foreign intelligence agency. A document released by the office stated that some media outlets termed a secret deal between Al-Zindani and the CIA was merely a response by the sheikh to an official letter sent by a Kimberly Broast on October 26, 2011.

In the letter, Broast told Al-Zindani that she was responsible for communications with figures who had demanded that their names be removed from lists of terrorism supporters.

Text from the statement released by Zindani’s office strongly condemned what it called the “immoral manners of certain media outlets affiliated with the former regime,” and also said that false news had been reported about Al-Zindani because of his position of support for Yemen’s youth revolution.

The statement also said that the letter which was published was merely the sheikh’s response to the CIA, and that he rejected all charges levied against him. “We remind people that Sheikh Al-Zindani has mentioned before that the former regime is responsible for having his name placed on the list of supporters of terrorism – this, with the help of the permanent representative of Yemen to the U.S and the Minister of Foreign affairs, who was informed that the CIA wanted to include Al-Zindani’s name on the list,” stated the release.

The release concluded by thanking all media outlets that “kept themselves away from such lies” and with a statement that all media outlets that published false news would face legal action.

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