Central Bank Governor and US Treasury Asst. Secretary General meet

National Yemen

Central Bank Governor Mohammed Awadh Bin-Hammam

This past week, Central Bank Governor Mohammed Awadh Bin-Hammam discussed Yemen’s financial and economic developmens over the past two years with Richard Collins, Assistant Secretary General of the U.S treasury.

They also discussed the impacts of Yemen’s extended political crisis on the nation’s economy. During a meeting that was held during Collins’ visit to Yemen, both sides stressed the importance of international support which was approved during the recent Friends of Yemen conference, as well as what they expect to result from the donors meeting to be held later this month.

They also stressed the importance of assisting economic activity in Yemen through focusing on large projects whose results will be reflected in the nation’s overall economic health and which can aid the government in surviving the effects of economic crisis. Projects related to the nation’s electricity system were cited as meeting such goals.

Collins said donors should support Yemen’s efforts to avoid crisis and also that donors should focus more on providing international assistance for economic activities and projects in Yemen.