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Firing gun at wedding an arrest-able offense, says Ministry of Interior

National Yemen

Interior Ministry Abdu-lQader Qahtan

N.Y staff

The Ministry of Interior directed the National Security Services to arrest anyone firing guns and using fireworks in the capital city of Sana’a. It was stressed that all security directors and police stations are bound to search, investigate and arrest all those involved in firing guns and using fireworks at weddings.

The Ministry confirmed that it would not allow any dereliction from any security officials in this regard and drew attention to the fact that such behavior has a result of a loosened security situation Yemen has faced since last year.  The Interior Ministry ordered police stations and security units to take this phenomenon seriously because of its serious impacts on society.

Such directions and orders have not seen true implementation in the past, which has led to a continuation of gunfire at weddings. The gunfire issue finally caused a number of citizens to communicate their feelings to the Ministry of Interior and demand that laws be both stricter and enforced.

The problem has also been on the rise in areas controlled by the so-called anti-regime army, in areas seen to be controlled by regime supporters, and other areas under the control of tribes.

Despite their vital role in eliminating the problem and its causes, citizens have said that the ministerial directives excluded members of the local councils and district leaders. On this note,  while a number of  local council members would in the past ban gunfire at weddings and arrest violators, many have become silent in response to the problem.