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Prime Minister: “The era of arrogance is over”

National Yemen

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Ba-Sindwa

By: NY Staff
At the launch of the first conference for initiatives and youth institutions on Tuesday in Sana’a, Yemeni Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindowa said that for Yemen, “the era of arrogance is over.”
“People are equal before the law whether they are rich or poor, strong or weak,” said Basindwah in his address to hundreds of youth union representatives present for the conference.
“I’m an old man who does not fear death and cannot be threatened. My ultimate goal is to either be killed for the sake of this country or to be victorious over those who attempt to impede development,” he added.
The prime minister, who has gained large amounts of support from the youth, expressed his commitment to supporting the youth, calling it his “duty.”
While many Yemeni citizens respect Basindowa and consider him a champion for political and social change, loyalists of the former ruling party, the General People’s Congress (GPC), consistently lash out at him.

This ire is generated in part by Basindowa’s tendency to deliver stinging, uncompromising comments in his speeches, along the lines of his demand that the former regime give way to the National Unity Government, as it had already proven its failure to lead the country.
In a statement issued last week, the GPC stated that Basindowa had breached the Gulf Cooperation Council-brokered power transfer deal when he doesn’t take into consideration that he is the head of the Unity Government and proceeds to lash out at his political adversaries.

“Being the head of the National Unity Government obliges Basindowa to act tactfully, and to keep in mind that he is the head of a reconciliation government,” read the statement.