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Salafis warn against Houthis participation in National Dialogue

National Yemen

photo from the Salafi confernec

By NY Staff

Salafis living in Damaj district have publicly warned the current government about the potential consequences of allowing the Houthis to participate in the upcoming National Dialogue Conference.

According to the Salafis, any form of dialogue with the Houthis will serve to make them more tyrannical; furthermore, the Salafis said such participation would be unfair to citizens in Sa’ada governorate.

A press release issued from the Salafi office in Damaj state that battles between Houthis and Salafis in Kutaf district have continued on from last week, when they most recently erupted. According to the press release, the Houthis have used heavy weapons, including mortars and armored vehicles. “Only regular armies possess such weapons,” read the release.

The press release stated that after the departure of a contact mission from Sa’ada governorate, the Houthis intensified their attacks against local Sunnis. In addition, the press release said that the Houthis suffered many losses and that many of their vehicles had either been destroyed or seized by Sunnis.

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