Saudi minister looks towards donor conference for Yemen

National Yemen

National Yemen

BY NY Staff

Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal has called on gulf countries to do their part and participate in the donors’ conference for the benefit of Yemen, to be held later this month in Riyadh. He requested that they exert all efforts to help Yemen survive the recent crisis and regain stability and security on all levels.

At the press conference, Al-Faisal said that translating political support into economic support would help allow the National Unity Government to achieve stability, move the economy forward and provide Yemenis with basic supplies.  In his speech, Al-Faisal discussed the results of the technical committee that was assigned to specify Yemen’s development needs. “This deal requires that efforts be intensified and a lot of flexibility, taking Yemen’s exceptional circumstances into consideration,” he added.

In this regard, the Gulf Cooperation Council welcomed the inauguration of a council office in Yemen. He also praised decisions taken by President Hadi to implement the GCC mechanism and said he hopes to see the initiative be fully implemented.  The council stated that Yemen, with the leadership of the new president and government, is able to achieve all Yemenis’ aspirations. In addition, the council praised all the conferences and meetings held in support of Yemen and praised gulf countries’ “palpable” efforts concerning developments projects.